Career Transition Like a Dragonfly

dragonfly as sign of transformation

In the not-too-distant past, people took one path in life (maybe two). They went to college, chose a career and stuck with it until they retired; but things are different now. Today, young adults might choose not to…

Career Reflection Motivates, At Least for Me

career reflection works

Every now and then an opportunity presents itself and you just know you have to take advantage of it. So, when The Highlands Company asked me to write the foreword to Don’t Waste Your Talent, I took full…

10 Things I Love About Georgia in the Spring

spring in Georgia

Nearly all my life I have lived in the South, with much of my professional career coaching based here in Georgia. I’m able to meet with clients all over the country virtually, but it is nice to work…

A Q&A With Coach Dori Stiles

dori stiles in georgia

Maybe you’ve read my bio and professional background on the about page, but there’s so much more to me than my education and client list. My marketing consultant saw that too, so together we did this Q&A for you here….

I Help People Make Decisions About Their Work

Whether socially or professionally, the question I’m asked most often is “what do you do?” I used to have a hard time providing a one-line, say-it-like-you-would-to-a-kindergartner answer. In fact, I often started off with listing everything I didn’t…