how career coaching worksIf you have questions about career coaching that aren’t addressed here, please contact Turning Points to learn more. I always provide a free initial consultation.

What Is Career Coaching?

Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. It is a proactive, results-driven activity that helps you reach your professional and personal goals. Coaching requires your focus,

Career coaching, which is my specialty, requires your focus, effort and energy. As your coach, I will become your success partner in identifying and clarifying your strengths and leveraging them to craft and achieve your future.

Coaching takes place over the phone or face-to-face, one-on-one or in teams. The Turning Points Coaching Conversations© workshop is also available to larger groups.

Find out if career coaching is right for you by setting up a no-charge, no-obligation, 15-minute phone call. We will assess the appropriateness of coaching for your specific situation and discuss the options. You will be provided with pricing information before making a commitment. Generally, payments are made at the beginning of each month.

Who Benefits From Coaching?

Coaching is for people who want to move beyond what they already think and know (enhance awareness and growth), people who want to take focused approach to achieving results (clarity and action), and people who feel stuck or who may need extra support or accountability to turn intentions into results.

Anyone interested in actively participating in his or her own professional and personal development can benefit from having a coach. At Turning Points, this includes:

  • Leaders and managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business people facing work-life balance challenges
  • Up-and-coming executives
  • Students making college and career choices
  • Anyone seeking a growth opportunity on or off the job

How Individual Coaching Works?

Individual coaching contracts are established up front based on coaching goals. Sessions are often conducted over the telephone. Each session is 50 minutes at mutually agreed upon, regularly scheduled times. Sessions can be extended and return clients are welcome for “check ins”!

How Does Group Coaching Work?

Group coaching is typically customized based on group size and composition. It is the perfect follow up to group assessments and workshops.

Can you see what career coaching is all about? It can be a game changer! Contact Turning Points to learn more.