Corporate Leaders

Through leadership coaching, career development and team building, organizations will see enhanced performance through and through. 

Not only does coaching benefit the group, but individuals will see clearer, have a plan for action and find themselves accountable thanks to the individual or group setting.

Who Benefits from Corporate Leadership Coaching

Individuals seeking coaching are typically strong performers who desire an outside resource to act as a sounding board as they navigate interpersonal issues and seek additional development. Clients include executives, managers, professionals, aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs. (Find a list of clients here.)

Organizations seeking leadership development, leadership team enhancement, career development, team building, team enhancement, company-wide coaching skills training and any group interested in strengthening their effectiveness can benefit from targeted workshops or group facilitation.

How Corporate Leadership Coaching Works

Cost-effective Coaching Skills training and Group Coaching is available to teams and groups. Experiential one- and two-day workshops solidify a five-step process for having coaching conversations and introduce key coaching skills. Customized Group Coaching is the best way to reinforce learning acquired in workshops. Learning theory research consistently demonstrates the long-range benefits of follow-up to large training initiatives.

Contact Dr. Stiles with a brief overview of what you hope to achieve during the engagement. She will gather information to understand and pinpoint project objectives and will recommend appropriate assessments, workshops, group facilitation and/or coaching. Coaching sessions take place face-to-face and/or on the phone.  One-on-one coaching often incorporates information from The Highlands Ability Battery to identify specific talents to leverage. Other career and leadership assessments may also be suggested. All coaching is action and results oriented.

You will receive a customized, concise proposal incorporating engagement scope and objectives, number of participants, length of program/workshop, engagement steps and dates, and estimated cost. Payment arrangements are agreed upon at that time.