Young Professionals

Are you an aspiring young professional looking for your niche, refining a career focus or considering new options?

Dr. Stiles provides the Highlands Ability Battery as well as other career guidance services to classes, groups and individuals who are seeking that ideal career. Many young professionals begin their careers in school as upper-level undergraduate or as graduate students.  Although they’ve selected a career field, deciding the specific area of focus can be challenging.  Dr. Stiles has worked with all kinds of young professionals who have started down the path of veterinary medicine, business, law and more.

The University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine created a Careers Course for their students in 2000. The course is a combination of assessment of natural abilities offered by Dr. Stiles using the HAB, and exposure to 10-15 professionals representing a variety of career paths within veterinary medicine. Up to 50 students each year use the assessment at the beginning of the course.  Students use the information to assist them with study strategies, identify internships, externships and careers that are a good “fit” with their natural abilities and personal style. Dr. Stiles also introduces other factors related to continuously managing career-fit. Over 700 students and professors have taken part in the assessment.

The Leonard Leadership Scholars Program is an innovative and comprehensive leadership development program designed exclusively for Terry College of Business undergraduates, sponsored by the college’s Institute for Leadership Advancement (ILA). The intensive 2-year program provides personalized leadership training through innovative courses, enriching extra-curricular activities, and challenging service opportunities. Since 2001, Dr. Stiles has provided a class module relating undergraduates’ natural abilities using the HAB to leadership. Over 700 students and professors have taken part in the assessment and class.

The Foundation Fellowship is the premier scholarship at the University of Georgia, and one of the top scholarship opportunities in the nation, attracting top students from across the United States. Foundation Fellows receive full cost-of-attendance scholarships as well as full funding to participate in post-freshman year summer student programs, international travel-study awards, spring break travel-study programs, research and academic conference support. In 2009, Dr. Stiles provided a 2-part seminar to 15 fellows seeking creative ways to approach career decision-making.

Individual Assessment and Coaching

No matter how hard we try to gather all the information we need to make those important first career decisions, sometimes things don’t quite work out.  Your circumstances change, you learn something unexpected about your chosen field, your experience doesn’t match your expectations or you simply can’t decide from the myriad options available.  Through assessments and individual coaching, Dr. Stiles has worked with countless young professionals seeking the clarification they need to make early career decisions.

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