High school and college students are at a pivotal point in life that almost always means exploring career options.

Turning Points works with high school and college students to provide the Highlands Ability Battery as well as other career guidance services to classes, groups and individuals who are just beginning to explore career options. Emphasizing her approach of assessment, clarity, action and accountability, Dr. Stiles introduces students to a proactive philosophy of career exploration, assessment of fit, and choice by introducing “shifts,” as depicted in this chart.

Reprinted by permission from The Highlands Company, 2014

Reprinted by permission from The Highlands Company, 2014

Student Classes and Groups

Dr. Stiles customizes career exploration modules for high school students, college students and other student groups. The basic module includes an introduction to the Highlands Ability Battery, the Highlands Ability Battery and individual report for each participant and a group/class debrief.

In addition to the standard Student Report, participants receive the new Highlands Career Exploration Supplement, an online interactive report transitioning their exploration from a list of career options to active research on O*NET. Students learn about the career exploration process so they can use it throughout their exploration and into their early career years.

Dr. Stiles customizes learning modules for integration into existing classes, as standalone offerings such as half-day, full-day seminars/workshops, or as a seminar series with action items to accomplish between sessions.

Pricing information can be provided upon request and depends on the number of students and the services requested.

Individual Students

Dr. Stiles also works with motivated students one-on-one. Using a combination of the new Highlands Career Exploration Supplement and action-oriented individual coaching, students learn how to assess what is important to them and how to search for those elements in the careers they are considering. After taking the Highlands Ability Battery, students can decide if they are willing to devote the time and effort to work one-on-one with Dr. Stiles to gain awareness, seek out clarity, take action and be accountable to themselves and the exploration process.

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