All Turning Points workshops incorporate individual development as a key component of improving group effectiveness and facilitating organizational change. All workshops emphasize awareness, clarity, action and accountability. Below are general descriptions of the topics, but keep in mind that all organizational change workshops are ultimately customized to meet the objectives of each engagement.

Personal Leadership

The Personal Leadership Workshop guides participants toward developing a Personal Leadership Plan using a whole-person approach. Leaders with Personal Leadership Plans are more successful in achieving personal career goals, developing individual team members, developing high-functioning teams and maintaining work-life balance than those that do not have them.

Coaching Clinic®

In the Coaching Clinic®, participants are trained to use coaching techniques in their professional relationships. The training can spur rapid development of individuals and teams and foster leadership potential.

Today’s leader must integrate coaching skills into his or her style – it is paramount to increasing accountability, efficiency and continuous growth of the leader and all employees.

Interpersonal Communications Workshop

The half-day Interpersonal Communications Workshop uses CCUI’s Personal Coaching Styles Inventory® (PCSI). Participants learn about the traits associated with their preferred communication style and how these natural tendencies influence behavior and interaction. The workshop becomes an experiential lab as participants discover others’ styles and how to tailor their communications to better suit individual and team needs. Through practice, participants learn to “flex” their communication style for more productive interactions.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has been coined “the competency of the decade”. Researchers and practitioners have written hundreds of articles and books documenting the importance of “EQ” and its applicability to every line of work. Using movie clips and interactive exercises, participants will walk away with a basic understanding of the four EQ skills and some practical tips on how to enhance them.

Team Dynamics

The Team Dynamics workshop is an intensive, highly interactive session. The group first focuses on understanding each individual’s talents and what makes him or her the most productive and satisfied. This self-knowledge can lead to greater utilization of individuals’ contributions, an appreciation of the diversity among team members, and increased communication. The group then focuses on team problem solving, leadership, communication, risk-taking, trust, and conflict management. Ultimately, team members define the team’s goals and create a Team Vision.

Customized Highlands Ability Battery Group Debriefs

Half-day, full-day, and 2.5-day workshops for your group or team with the primary focus on debriefing and working with the results from the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB). The group’s profile is shared, giving participants a point of reference, still keeping each individual’s results confidential.

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