Nearly all my life I have lived in the South, with much of my professional career coaching based here in Georgia. I’m able to meet with clients all over the country virtually, but it is nice to work locally, too.

If you also live here, then maybe you’ll appreciate this list of things I love about Georgia in the Spring. As we enter one of my favorite seasons, I felt inspired to share.

1. Dogwood blooms in all colors, azalea blooms in all colors, bright yellow forsythia, white quince and spirea blooms, and all the hanging flower baskets and pots that change the visual landscape

2. Unbelievably perfect temperatures for being outside – whether people are active (like gardening or kayaking) or relaxing (like sitting or grilling)

3. The soft bright sunlight coming through the windows at a different angle

4. Wonderful festivals all over Georgia – art, music, heritage – anything to get outside

5. My deck that runs across the entire side of my house looking over a lawn into the woods with trees leafing different colors of green

6. The sound of the full-house attic fan sucking in cool air throughout the house in the morning

7. My dogs (sister mutts) not wearing sweaters (and loving it) and sporting a freshened look from the groomer

8. The start of daylight savings time

9. Putting sweaters and coats up in the attic

10. Visiting Georgia’s expansive state parks with trails, waterfalls and picnicking


What about you? What do you love about Spring?