No doubt, our definition of and appreciation for essential workers has changed since our world has shifted to shelter-in-place mode, expanding to include healthcare workers, first responders, distributors/deliverers, and grocery-related workers. Many are also experiencing a deepened appreciation for public service providers who serve the infrastructure of our communities — garbage collectors, water/power/gas workers and public safety providers. And there isn’t a day that goes by that the news doesn’t cover parents’ appreciation for teachers. We see them connecting and encouraging students, finding new ways of teaching, and fostering continued learning and engagement of the students they serve.

There’s another group of folks who work behind the scenes in education — the administrators. After working with public school administrators for 20 years, I can attest to their dedication, commitment and servant-leadership. This is a group of people who mostly prefer to stay behind the scenes. They work with the finances, technology, resource acquisition, and overall infrastructure that enables teachers to teach. They live and lead by the motto of “doing what’s best for the students” and they really prefer for the students, teachers and parents to be in the limelight.

This blog post is my personal thanks to the thousands of school administrators in each school system such as the school superintendent, assistant superintendents, directors of curriculum and instructions, directors of student services, finance directors, directors of operations, school nutrition, student transportation, and directors of human resources. And another special thanks to administrators at the school level such as principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and counselors. You know who you are — and I appreciate YOU!!!