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The Highlands Company Leadership Report

In addition to my work here at Turning Points Consulting, I also serve as the Director of Training at The Highlands Company, the publisher of the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB). Highlands has been an integral part of my career. I took the HAB in many years ago and...

Awareness, Clarity, Action and Accountability

Awareness, Clarity, Action and Accountability is what I center my coaching work around. It’s the four-step process that gets my clients from start to finish. I rely on a handful of skills and natural abilities of my own to help my clients make decisions about their...

Dori Stiles, Ph.D.


Glad you’ve made it to the blog for Turning Points Consulting. Here I will share information about career transitioning and leadership, as well as updates on what I am doing in the field. Please feel free to share your comments at the bottom of each post, or contact me directly with questions and feedback.