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Awareness, Clarity, Action and Accountability

Awareness, Clarity, Action and Accountability is what I center my coaching work around. It’s the four-step process that gets my clients from start to finish. I rely on a handful of skills and natural abilities of my own to help my clients make decisions about their...

I Help People Make Decisions About Their Work

Whether socially or professionally, the question I’m asked most often is “what do you do?” I used to have a hard time providing a one-line, say-it-like-you-would-to-a-kindergartner answer. In fact, I often started off with listing everything I didn’t do. Now I say, “I...

Dori Stiles, Ph.D.


Glad you’ve made it to the blog for Turning Points Consulting. Here I will share information about career transitioning and leadership, as well as updates on what I am doing in the field. Please feel free to share your comments at the bottom of each post, or contact me directly with questions and feedback.