I’m Dori stiles

Founder & CEO

Awareness · Clarity · Action · Accountability℠


One-on-one coaching for professionals, educators, students, and career-seekers.


Workshops for groups of all sizes to improve individual awareness for team benefit.

Why Coaching?

The dragonfly symbolizes transformation and adaptability in life. With a PhD in Institutional/Organizational Psychology, I have long been fascinated by the process of change. Whether working with individuals or organizations, in person or remotely, I seek to empower people to own their life stories and seek personal and professional fulfillment.

Who is Coaching For?

Coaching can benefit anyone who seeks to take ownership of their lives and to define and achieve success on their own terms. From high-achieving professionals to high school seniors, I have helped numerous people find greater career and life satisfaction. Organizations also benefit from customized workshops that enhance their goals.

What is the Process Like?

The coaching process can look different for every person or organization because every situation is unique. Following a free, no-obligation, 15-minute phone consultation, I’ll make recommendations on the best path to achieve your goals, and we start from there. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a process I believe you’ll enjoy!

My Four-Step Approach

Awareness · Clarity · Action · Accountability℠


Personal awareness is the foundation for positive, effective change.



Objective input from an outside source gives you the context to achieve clarity.



Taking action based on awareness and clarity results in positive change.


Accountability is the secret to sustaining momentum for long-term results.

My Clients

About Me

My name is Dori Stiles, and I am fascinated by the process of change and the ability people possess to adapt and grow no matter what the circumstances. From my home office in Georgia, I work with individuals as well as organizations. I can travel for workshops but am also comfortable with online formats for training and coaching.

In addition to a PhD, I am also a Highlands Certified Consultant, and am trained to administer a number of career assessments. I look forward to talking to you! In the meantime, click below for a little more information about me.


“The Personal Vision Program with Dori was amazing. I have more clarity and direction now, in my 40s, than I’ve ever had. Dori brings wisdom and experience and genuinely wants you to achieve your best.”

- Personal Vision Program Participant

“I loved it. These strategies will help to reduce stress for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone in a coaching or leadership role; really meaningful information.”

- Critial Conversations Workshop Participant

“Dori does a fantastic job of leading us through the reports and how to relate our abilities to help others. The presentation and process kept me interested and engaged.”

- Authentic Leadership III Workshop Participant