Choose the Program That's Right For You

I offer programs that are customized for groups or individuals, all using my four-step approach: Awareness · Clarity · Action · Accountability.℠

Coaching For Individuals

Every person faces changes and challenges throughout life. I help equip individuals to take ownership of their lives, set goals, and achieve them. Students, professionals, career changers, and people from all walks of life have benefited from my services. For more details, read the descriptions below of Authentic Leadership Coaching and the Personal Vision Coaching Program.

Coaching For Organizations

The most effective way for organizations to improve begins with the individual team members. I come alongside programs in the corporate, educational, and public sectors to help bolster and equip its aims and goals. When individuals thrive, the group benefits. Read more details below about the coaching programs I offer.

Authentic Leadership Programs

Developing and empowering leaders is what I do best — and every person is a leader, in at least one sphere of life. The programs that I offer can be customized, depending on the needs and goals of the individual or group. Two of my programs are for individuals (Authentic Leadership Coaching and Personal Vision Coaching); the other programs are for groups. You can read brief descriptions of each program here, but don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

Authentic Leadership Coaching

This program is the most basic that I offer, and is specifically for individual leaders. The program includes one introductory meeting followed by regular, 30-60-minute coaching sessions (the number of coaching sessions depends on your goals and the rate of progress).

Authentic Leadership I

Best for individual leaders, and often used in conjunction with Authentic Leadership Coaching, this program includes the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) assessment plus an Individual Debrief (2 hours). 

The HAB is the gold standard in applying knowledge of measured natural talents to work and to life. Using timed, objectively-measured worksamples (versus self-reported data), natural abilities are identified and differentiated from learned skills. Personalized reports are generated for students, adults, and leaders. Knowledge of natural abilities helps clients align their talents with the choices they make. The 2-hour debrief supports the continued use of this information throughout a lifetime, as clients move from one turning point in life to the next.

Authentic Leadership II

Authentic Leadership II-A (Accelerate) is for small teams (2-5 members) and includes the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) plus an Individual Debrief plus a 2-hour group review. This program accelerates the learning curve of team members’ understanding of their own and each others’ personal style, problem solving, and communication. It lays the foundation for productive working relationships by bringing awareness and understanding of strengths, blind spots, and the intentional management of both.

Authentic Leadership II-B (Boost) is for larger groups (6+ members) and includes the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) plus an Individual or Group Debrief as part of a 3.5-hour workshop. This program boosts self-awareness and social-awareness (awareness of others) with the goals of improving communication and work efficiency. Groups that have used this process include cabinets, teams, and leadership development programs. Participants select a focus and heighten their self-awareness of their natural leadership abilities. By using a group process, participants also experience other styles, which allows them to increase their self-management as they lead others.

Authentic Leadership III

This one-day workshop includes the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) plus an Individual or Group Debrief. Groups that have used this process include cabinets, teams, and leadership development programs. Expanding on the half-day program, participants incorporate additional modules on skills, values, and goals, and create a personal action plan for their own professional development.

Authentic Leadership IV

This two-day workshop includes the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) plus an Individual or Group Debrief. Groups that have used this process include leadership development programs in private sector businesses and state-wide public education association programs. The program provides participants with a structured process to reflect on themselves to increase self-awareness, gain perspective and clarity through group processes, create a personal vision that takes the whole person into account, and overlay that vision with work. Each participant develops a strategy for next steps and methods for self-accountability.

Coaching Conversations

This one-day, interactive program is especially helpful for those new to the responsibility of developing others. In this workshop, we focus on the difference between a coaching conversation and a performance discussion, and I provide the 5 essential steps of a coaching conversation. Specific skills are presented and practiced. Intentionally different from performance discussions and documentation, participants learn how this type of conversation spurs rapid development of others (individuals and teams), increases efficiency and accountability, and supports a growth mindset for all.

Communication Styles

This half-day workshop uses Corporate Coach U’s Personal Coaching Styles Inventory ® (PCSI). Participants learn about traits associated with their preferred communication style and how these natural tendencies influence behavior and interaction. The workshop becomes an experiential lab as participants discover others’ styles and how to tailor their communications to better suit individual and team needs. Through practice, participants learn to “flex” their communication style for more productive interactions.

Difficult Conversations for Education Administrators

This is a one-day, how-to workshop for how to have the conversation(s) you are avoiding. A blended, customized approach especially for education administrators, participants break down and reassemble the specific steps in clarifying, preparing, and conducting difficult conversations. Each participant leaves with a practiced conversation.

Personal Vision Coaching Program

This program includes 6-8 sessions, typically over several months, and begins with the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) plus an Individual Debrief.

The Personal Vision Coaching Program is a personalized, structured process to increase self-awareness and clarity to create your own next steps. As your accountability partner, I will use a structured yet flexible approach to guide your process of self-exploration. I will  support you as you make adjustments to your roles and responsibilities on and off the job, and as you make informed and well-articulated decisions about next steps. You will craft an approach to the changes that suit you. The process takes time, reflection, and patience; the outcome is a sense of focus, clarity and calm.

My Four-Step Approach

Awareness · Clarity · Action · Accountability℠


Personal awareness is the foundation for positive, effective change.



Objective input from an outside source gives you the context to achieve clarity.



Taking action based on awareness and clarity results in positive change.


Accountability is the secret to sustaining momentum for long-term results.


In an effort to remain flexible to the needs of my clients, I do not set fixed prices for my services. Instead, I use our initial conversation, which is free, to gather information and discuss together what the most effective and efficient means of approach will be. The price will be determined by the number and type of assessments that are given, the number of sessions, as well as other factors (with organizations, for example, the number of people involved is a factor). Individual coaching services begin at an hourly rate of $150.

The entire process is collaborative. I will give you a quote before we begin so there are no surprises. Above all else, I seek to provide excellent services at a reasonable price. Contact me to learn more!