Coaching For Individuals & Organizations

An Individualized Approach For Maximum Impact

Corporate Leaders

See enhanced performance in your organization through leadership coaching, professional development, and team building.


Create more robust programs through individual, team, and group coaching and consulting services for education leaders. 

Young Professionals

Find your niche, refine your career focus, or consider new options through one-on-one or group coaching.


Take ownership of your future through a proactive philosophy of career exploration, whether in high school or college. 

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Do You Feel Unfulfilled, Frustrated, or Just Plain Stuck?

We all go through times of change, both individually and as groups or organizations. Sometimes the changes come from an external source, while other times the driving factors are internal. Regardless, you can take advantage of turbulent times to clarify your goals and pursue the things that matter most to you. I can help.

How it Works

Schedule a Free Consultation

Set up a 15-minute phone call with me by clicking here. The initial call is free, with no obligations. This is our chance to get to know each other and see how I can help you with your individual or organizational development.

Choose the Right Coaching Plan For You

Based on our conversation, I’ll present you with my recommendation for the most efficient and effective coaching plan. I’ll quote you a price that reflects a tailor-made and customized approach — not one-size-fits-all packaging.  

Achieve Your Goals

Now the fun begins! Through assessments, exercises, and discussions, I’ll help you achieve the clarity you need in order to take action and pursue the goals that you set, based on your values and abilities. The sky’s the limit. 

My Four-Step Approach

Awareness · Clarity · Action · Accountability℠


Personal awareness is the foundation for positive, effective change.



Objective input from an outside source gives you the context to achieve clarity.



Taking action based on awareness and clarity results in positive change.


Accountability is the secret to sustaining momentum for long-term results.


Tools to Enhance Self-awareness

Assessments are often a useful starting place for working with individuals or groups. The following descriptions explain in more detail the two major assessments that I most often use. In addition to these, I am also certified in the Strong Interest Inventory®, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and EQ 2.0. 

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is the gold standard among tools assessing human abilities or aptitudes. Used for professional development and career guidance, this unique assessment refines your self-awareness, enabling you to make intentional, targeted decisions. You will understand the difference between your natural talents and your skills, understand the “why” behind many of your behaviors (e.g., procrastination, job boredom, intensity, analysis paralysis, etc), and be able to identify your must-haves in work and life.

This computerized three-hour assessment uses objective rather than self-report measures related to:

  • Learning
  • Problem Solving
  • Communicating
  • Optimizing Work Environment

There is no passing or failing the HAB; there are no “good” or “bad” scores or profiles. Rather, the HAB facilitates better self-management (career/job selection, job design, work-life balance) and relationship management (effective interpersonal dynamics, team dynamics and leadership). Equipped with this information, you may find that a 5% change in how you work makes a 25% change in your satisfaction.

There are different, individualized reports for students, adults, and leaders (click to see sample reports). Interpretation of the results can be done one-on-one or in groups. 

Personal Coaching Styles Inventory®

Corporate Coach U’s Personal Coaching Styles Inventory® provides insight into how people are likely to communicate with giving and receiving feedback. The self-scorable communication styles instrument has been used since 1997 with tens of thousands of participants worldwide. The assessment can be administered and used in a stand-alone workshop or as part of the Coaching Clinic. The PCSI® is a practical tool guiding leaders toward tailoring their communication to suit individual and team needs and is great for broader audiences and groups with little or no assessment experience.


In an effort to remain flexible to the needs of my clients, I do not set fixed prices for my services. Instead, I use our initial conversation, which is free, to gather information and discuss together what the most effective and efficient means of approach will be. The price will be determined by the number and type of assessments that are given, the number of sessions, as well as other factors (with organizations, for example, the number of people involved is a factor). Individual coaching services begin at an hourly rate of $150.

The entire process is collaborative. I will give you a quote before we begin so there are no surprises. Above all else, I seek to provide excellent services at a reasonable price. Contact me to learn more!

Corporate Leaders 

The advancement of a group begins with the development of the individual. Through leadership coaching, professional development, and team building, I help organizations see enhanced performance at every level. 

Who Benefits from Corporate Leadership Coaching?

Individuals who seek coaching are typically strong performers who desire an outside resource to act as a sounding board as they navigate interpersonal issues and seek additional development. My clients include executives, managers, professionals, aspiring leaders, and entrepreneurs. 

Organizations benefit from targeted workshops or group facilitation in order to achieve any number of results, including but not limited to: leadership development, leadership team enhancement, career development, team building, team enhancement, company-wide coaching skills training, and overall increased effectiveness. To see a list of organizations I’ve worked with, click here.


Educators face a unique set of challenges. I offer individual, team, and group coaching and consulting services to education leaders. In every program, the work brings awareness, clarity, action and accountability to participants.

Who Benefits from Coaching for Education Leadership?

Individuals in education who seek coaching are typically strong performers who desire an outside resource to act as a sounding board as they navigate interpersonal issues and seek additional development to reach new goals. My clients include superintendents, district office leaders, and building-level leaders.

Educational organizations include districts or buildings with several new hires in their positions; newly formed teams; groups forging new communication alliances; and groups interested in strengthening their effectiveness. All can benefit from targeted workshops or group facilitation.

I also work with central office teams, building-level teams, and combinations of the two (district leadership) to enhance working relationships, improve communication, and leverage talents. After gaining a clear understanding of project goals, I make recommendations regarding appropriate career and leadership assessments, workshops, group facilitation and coaching. To see a list of educational organizations I’ve worked with, click here.

Young Professionals

Aspiring young professionals are often looking for a niche, refining a career focus, or considering new options. I provide career guidance services, including the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB), to classes, groups, and individuals who are seeking that ideal career.

Benefits for Young Professionals

No matter how hard we try to gather all the information we need to make those important first career decisions, sometimes things don’t quite work out. Your circumstances change, you learn something unexpected about your chosen field, your experience doesn’t match your expectations, or you simply can’t decide from the myriad options available. Through assessments and individual coaching, I have worked with countless young professionals seeking the clarification they need to make early career decisions.

Or maybe you’ve selected a career field, but are having a difficult time deciding on a specific area of focus. I’ve worked with all kinds of young professionals who have started down the path of veterinary medicine, business, law and more. The same tools that help early career seekers are also effective for anyone looking for more specific focus.


High school and college students are at a pivotal point in life, and are often exploring career options. I bring the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) as well as other career guidance services to classes, groups and individuals who are just beginning to explore career options. 

Benefits for Students?

As early as high school, virtually all students are faced with an enormous amount of pressure over the looming question, “What are you going to do with your life?”. Rather than cave to external demands, I help students learn to take ownership over their futures by introducing them to a proactive philosophy of career exploration that they can use throughout their entire lives. 

Using customized learning modules, I guide students (in groups or individually) through a process of uncovering their natural abilities, considering their values, skills, and goals, and providing detailed reports summarizing their profiles. Students also receive an online interactive report that connects their profiles to actual career options on O*NET