highlands leadershipIn addition to my work here at Turning Points Consulting, I also serve as the Director of Training at The Highlands Company, the publisher of the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB).

Highlands has been an integral part of my career. I took the HAB in many years ago and have used the tool with my clients ever since. To say I’m an advocate of understanding your natural abilities and applying them in the workplace is an understatement.

Today, I train new Highlands Certified Consultants in the Highlands Whole Person Method, assist with Highlands Company marketing, research, and various other work that supports the company and its network of 300+ consultants.

A NEW Leadership Report

The HAB is available to students (high school through graduate school), adults (from young professionals to retirees), and leaders (including executives, managers, directors, high-performing industry folks, and entire leadership teams). Each of these demographic groups receives an HAB report tailored specifically to their stage in life.

After much hard work, Kim Mumola, The Highlands Company Director of Operations, and I have revised the Leadership Report to be much more powerful than before, and it is now available to leaders of all industries after they take the HAB through a Highlands Certified Consultant.

This is a big deal. The new report is very interactive and visual. It includes explanations of abilities and how they relate to leadership, especially communication styles, learning styles, and thinking patterns.

If you are a high-level professional interested in advancing your leadership skills and career satisfaction or part of a management team that could use a reboot, I recommend you take a look at the new Highlands Leadership Report.