Real Results

Success Stories From Former Clients

To give you an idea of what may be possible for your or your oganizations, here are a few real-life examples of how coaching has transformed professional and personal lives.

Individual Career Coaching Results

When I meet with a client, it’s rarely clear at the outset what the solution will be; that’s why it’s always a joy to see how the right solution becomes clear at the right time. Read about some of the ways my clients have discovered solutions to their career problems using my proven process. 

Job Redesign for Greater Satisfaction

An executive who worked at a large healthcare organization for 10+ years had become dissatisfied with his job responsibilities. He felt a great deal of loyalty to the organization, enjoyed the people he worked with, and felt generally comfortable with his pay, benefits, and commute. Still, the job had evolved into work he no longer enjoyed — so much so that he was contemplating a job change. Through coaching, he was able to pinpoint specific changes he desired in his job responsibilities, negotiate those changes, and implement them over an agreed-upon period of time.

Attorney's Work/Life Balance

A corporate lawyer practicing with a large firm for 9 years struggled with work-life balance issues. Work was depleting, leaving him little time or emotional energy for himself, his wife, or his young children. He didn’t want to become like some of his acquaintances that had put worrying about work-life balance on the back burner in hopes of regaining it later. Through coaching, this lawyer realized he was being depleted by a job he wasn’t enjoying. He went to another firm, zeroed in on a specific type of law to practice, and now enjoys what he does so much it actually gives him extra energy to spend on himself and family.

"Right Mix" for Small Business Owner

A small business owner wanted to maintain her flourishing fitness business but felt that something was “missing” in her professional life. She wanted to explore additional services to offer clients. Through coaching, she realized she wanted to do something to exercise her mind as well as her body. She restructured her work to incorporate an additional activity for herself — a part-time accounting job.

Transition into "Retirement"

A school superintendent was contemplating her retirement and knew she wasn’t finished “working.” After 30+ years in education it was difficult to think about anything else. Through coaching, she created a personal vision incorporating her natural abilities, skills, personal style, interests, values, family, and goals. She successfully applied that vision to identifying her next job and incorporating the pursuit of her neglected interests and leisure activities.

Corporate Coaching Results

Corporations tend to be complex organizations with many different concerns and goals. When I partner with a corporation, I bring my four-step approach that is founded on individual awareness to achieve clarity and cohesion for the entire group. 

IBM: Development of a New Team

The North American Human Resources Group of 15 senior-level executives wanted to develop trust and honest dialogue among its newly formed team in order to boost team performance.

Marriott: Focus and Cohesion

The Alliance Accounts Organization at Marriott International, responsible for strategic accounts management, wanted to see how they could be a more effective team, raise the overall level of performance, and revitalize the group. They wanted group members to know each other individually and to draw on each other’s strengths.

JPMorgan Chase: Diversity Mentoring

JPMorganChase Bank, renowned for its work in diversity, attracts, nurtures, challenges, and rewards people who have a wide range of talents, experiences, and perspectives. They wanted a whole-person approach to career development as the foundational piece in its yearlong Leadership Diversity Mentoring Program.

Cott Beverages: Whole-Person Development of Finance Department

The Finance Department of Cott Beverages catapulted the development of their team members by hosting a 2-day Finance Developmental Planning Meeting. They unveiled a long-range developmental model, the foundation of which was tying individual personal visions to the corporate mission and specific job responsibilities.

HBA AmerInsurance: Merging Leadership

The amicable merging of two insurance agencies, one primarily Spanish speaking and one primarily English speaking, was a win-win. Everyone, including management and employees, was satisfied with the business arrangements. They needed a common language (practically and metaphorically) to describe talents, similarities, and differences.

Education Leadership Coaching Results

Educators and those who work in education administration face a unique set of challenges. I’ve been privileged over the years to partner with K-12 schools and higher ed organizations to provide workshops and training customized to each school’s needs.

State-wide Development for Educational Leaders

The Georgia School Superintendent Association (GSSA) offers a two-year leadership development program (SPDP) to selected aspiring and newly-appointed school superintendents. GSSA also offers a one-year professional development program (DOPDP) to select central office and school principals. Since 2000, I have provided modules on Authentic Leadership, Coaching For Development, and Difficult Conversations. I have also co-facilitated the training of seasoned superintendents who serve as coach-mentors to any new superintendent in the state.

Professional Development for System-wide Leadership

I have worked with Cabinets, Central Office, and combined Leadership Teams (central office and school-level) to activate authentic leadership. Built upon an objective, comprehensive assessment (the Highlands Ability Battery), I have delivered customized half-day and full-day programs to meet system objectives.

Fast-start Development for New Teams (School or Central Office Leadership)

Using objective results from the Highlands Ability Battery, I have created experiences that accelerate leadership teams’ understanding of one another’s strengths, challenges, and workstyles. Each experience has provided a platform for clear communication and an expectation for transparency. I work with individuals first and then facilitate a highly interactive team session.

Aspiring Leader Programs

School systems with in-house aspiring leader programs (e.g., for teachers aspiring to administration, Assistant Principals aspiring to Principals, or school-level administrators aspiring to Central Office positions) use various Authentic Leadership workshops as a kickoff.  The Authentic Leadership experiences have stressed deep self-awareness and self-management as a core competency of effective leadership.

Coaching Conversations Skills Training

A metropolitan/urban school system created a one-year Executive Coaching Program for first-year principals to support individual principal success, reduce the knowing-doing gap, provide a conduit for rapid networking and resource identification, and facilitate the shift from tactical to strategic leadership during their first year. I trained Executive Coaches in the process and skills of holding Coaching Conversations to support their work with new principals.

Difficult Conversations Skills Training

Offered through RESAs, I have co-facilitated 4-6 hour practical workshops, from which participants leave with a “real” conversation in hand. Designed around the work of Jennifer Abrams, outlined in her book Having Hard Conversations, this workshop balances theory and practice.